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WorkLInk with world leading cloud service provider - Amazon Web Services, AWS. The service infrastructure uses dynamic load balancing server that can distribute hardware resources flexibly anytime based on traffic conditions, together with dynamic cache services and dynamic storage devices to ensure the continuation of services without any interruption. WorkLink adopts latest OAuth 2.0 sign in verification and authorization protocol for account verification, data transmission is encrypted via SSL/TLS security protocol. Providing maximum and full protection for server and customer database.
Strict security control mechanism
Employ grouped and tiered security control; every move is logged for tacking and review to secure system platform.
Encrypted transmission processing
Secure data transmissions by SSL/TLS 1.2 encryption; set up secure transmission channel with key and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
Single device login
Each account can have unique device login at any one time to provide high security protection and ensure consistent service information connection rather than impersonated by someone else.
High-speed, low-latency network transmission
Employ global content delivery network (CDN) service architecture to reduce network latency by direct connecting to national ISPs through highly efficient internal backbone network.
OAuth 2.0 resource protection
Employ standard OAuth 2.0 mechanism for access resource protection. Users may access files only after successful authenticate and with valid token.
Cross-border instant backup mechanism
Save data is instantly in physical facilities located in different countries for off-site backup; auto instant back up data to backup center in another country to provide users with the optimum file durability.
Multi-layer protection and decentralized fault-tolerant architecture
Employ decentralized fault-tolerant architecture with group-tier isolation to provide customers with secure and reliable data transmission and storage services. Employ cloud servers in environment with independent power supply, air conditioning, network environment spanning multiple data centers, and 24x7 monitoring mechanism.
Information security structure
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